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Fintech entrepreneur continues to work in filmmaking

Bardya Ziaian was a successful corporate executive who never stopped his love for filmmaking. The career, with leadership positions in Fintech, brokerage, and financial systems, continues to fulfil his creative aspirations.

The current CEO of SITTU Group Inc. was forced to step down as president and chief executive officer. Ziaian produced and wrote the comedy film “Super Dicks” and even performed an acting part.

Following the success in ” Super Dicks”, his second film ” How To Kill Your Boss” was produced.

Ziaian shows us how to use our diverse talents in a variety ways to fulfill our dreams.

Bardya Ziaian tells us how he brings his intelligence and focus from the boardroom onto the film set.

A: You are a tech and finance expert… When did you get interested in film?

Bardya Zinian: I’ve wanted to make movies since I was a child. I have always been a storyteller, and love finding new and creative ways of telling them. My first film, which was funny with a few cultural undertones, is actually a comedy. It’s a hilarious way to tell an interesting story in a very unique way.

  1. Are you able use your knowledge in Fintech and financial system in your filmmaking career.

Bardya Zinian: I find it interesting that you can draw on your past experiences and use them to aid in the present. Even if you are trying to start a new job or hobby, that may not be possible. I’ve had many leadership positions that have allowed me to learn how to manage projects and people.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about Super Dicks as well as any difficulties you encountered during production?

Bardya Zinian:Super Dicks are a comedy that has heavy cultural undertones. They tell a compelling and funny story, which relies on cleverness and wit but is also thought-provoking. The pandemic of 1918, which was a time in isolation and global stress, was the moment I started this project. In times of crisis, the importance of Levity is extraordinary. Laughter can really be medicine. I made something that would let the audience just have fun and be engrossed in the story. When you face increasing challenges, it can be crucial to your mental and physical well-being to be able disconnect like this.

Producing the film in the middle the pandemic had its challenges. The film was made possible thanks to a talented cast who worked hard together and overcame all obstacles. The film actually served to create jobs and opportunities for highly talented theater performers who couldn’t do regular performances due to pandemic restrictions. We were careful, but the team was able to navigate both rapidly changing and difficult circumstances.

Question: Are you concerned about starting your own business in such a critical period?

Bardya Ziniaan: I am, but I don’t live my life fearing failure. Analysis paralysis is something that’s real, and it’s something that I fight against as much as anyone else. I try to be an action-oriented man. I see the potential for growth and possibility in a situation where others see only obstacles. Leadership is the ability to see all sides of a situation and make educated decisions.

A: I’m the executive producer on a pre-production film called ” Kill Your Boss. “.

Bardya Zinian: It is important to maintain momentum. While the first movie is nearing completion, I am working on my second film using the lessons and skills learned during the creation of the first film.

The best people learn from their Bardya Ziaian mistakes and improve. That holds true for business, film, life and everything else.

However, I haven’t shared too many details as it’s a comedy. I’m also working with great writers Zion Forrest Lee (Damian Lee) and Zion Forrest Lee (Zion Forrest Lee). It is a dream come true to collaborate and create with these incredible people.