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A prophetic message for the African American Christian Christian

A few years back, while I lived near the charming mountain village of Summersville in West Virginia, I had an amazing dream. The dream was split into four parts. In the first section, I was leaving the position of Headmaster in a private school. The second was the promotion of one of my teachers to my former post. The board chairman who was a local resident for her whole life was moving out. The fourth section of the dream saw me preaching to large African American churches on the subject of “You Have Settled in the Other Side of the Jordan.” In the dream, I saw that this great church had achieved much and had a great national ministry. The Lord however, said that they still had not fulfilled their divine destiny. I was able to preach and the Lord’s presence ascended on that powerful church. He began to reveal His great plan for their destiny and give direction. The church exploded with praise and worship. I was able to wake up from the dream.

Within a few weeks, the first three sections of the dream occurred. I quit my job, the dream teacher became the interim head of school, and the husband and wife of the board chairman sold their family’s business and moved out of town. However, the fourth portion of the dream did take place later. In fact, this part of my dream was not clear to me. It was five years before I understood the dream. Recently, I was invited in Chicago to give a grant writing workshop and preach at an African American church. Although I did not fully grasp the message, “You have settled on the other side of the Jordan”, God directed me to proclaim it. I was able to see the prophetic meaning in the dream as I studied God’s Word.

French plans to expand two key initiatives, outreach and collaboration, which are long a hallmark feature of VCDH. The center provides training materials and workshops for primary and second-grade teachers, as well as support in the integration of digital resources into school curriculums. The center has produced “Rising Up” as a course project last year. The Scot French film was made by undergraduates in conjunction to course work.