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 The killer film story is a part of family drama, thrilling, and love based story. It’s all about Prem (Nagarjuna), a contract killer who was appointed by villains to kill the state governor Malavika (Sharada) and her granddaughter Sneha (Baby Shamili). Prem becomes friendly to all as a part of his plan and waits for the right time to kill them.

He falls in love with Priya (Nagma) and moves closely with her in order to reach Malavika and Sneha.

Prem acts like a foreign return and finally wins the trust of Malavika. In a lunchtime with him, Malavika opens her mouth and tells everything how her husband is trying to kill them.

 Genre: Thriller

Duration: 158 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

A cast of the Killer, Nagarjuna movie

 Stars :Nagarjuna, Nagma, Sharada, Shamili.

Director: Fazil

Producer: V. B. Rajendra Prasad, Ashok Deshpande.

Music Director :Ilaiyaraaja.

The movie starts with the criminal gang, and they were in the hunt to kill a pregnant woman. A nurse (Annapurna) helps out with the woman’s labor pains. The nurse takes away the child

Eeswar(Nagarjuna) with her.

Eeswar grew up along with the nurse children for a few years. Due to financial troubles, Annapurna sends Eeswar to an orphanage. Eeswar goes through a lot of struggle at the orphanage and becomes stiff-necked, hit people for money, and also helps Annapurna’s family financially.

One day Eeswar gets a contract from BhupatiRajuto kill Malavika Devi(Sharada) and Sneha (Baby Shamili), who live in Hyderabad. Eeswar made plans in the process of killing. One day he saw Priya(Nagma), who was close to Malavika.

Eeswar follows Priya and makes her fall in love in order to enter Malavika’s home. He introduces himself as Prem Krishna, as a foreign return and acts normally. He becomes close to Malavika’s family, and at the same time, keeps planning to kill them. In the process of coming to know a few secrets? What are those? Did Prem kill Malavika and Sneha?

Top 5 Reasons to watch Killer movie

  1. AkkineniNagarjuna’s performance is one the major asset of the movie
  2. As usual, maestro Ilayaraja had provided extraordinary music to the movie. The songs of the movie very soothing and turned out to be evergreen chartbusters
  3. Director Fazil though he’s a newcomer, had shaped the movie to par excellence
  4. Lead actress Nagma had acted very well and become the addon to the movie
  5. Supporting actress Sharadha has shown her versatile acting and killed it

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 Nagarjuna, as eshwar had performed extraordinarily, which is the major highlight of the movie, and director Fazil showed his metal in shaping up the movie so well.

Maestro Ilayaraja turned out to be a major asset to the movie by composing some vintage chartbuster songs which still haunts the music lover till date, and lead actress Nagma, supporting actor Sharadha had done justice to their respective roles with their versatile acting skills, out and out.

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