Your favorite film or show on Netflix

From anywhere in the world, and why? • Bayani: "My favorite foreign film on Netflix is the comedy film 50 First Dates, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. What's your favorite Filipino film/s on Netflix that's not yours, and why? That's it. That was the premise of this entire Emmy-winning episode. If I had to pick the funniest Dave joke, it would be the "backpack salmon" bit from Episode 8, but I was asked to pick the funniest Dave episode, so here we are. Came out great! Artist asked lots of questions and even made some post-finished edits that we requested. You managed to include everything I asked for. The better quality of the photo, the easier it will be for our artists to get a more accurate illustration of you on the other side. The quality is perfect as well as the charact...

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