Cross Product Of Vectors

Okay, perhaps I'm missing something , however doesn't a cross product between two vectors with exactly the identical amount of elements provide you with the following vector with this variety of elements? In 3D. There are analogues, although in other measurements product isn't well defined. 2, there are at least two distinct cross-product" analogues", based on what attributes of the 3D cross product we need it to mimic. In 4D, there's 1 analogue which returns 6D vector as a result and takes 2 4D vectors at the input. And analogue which accepts 3 4D has 4D vector as a result, also vectors. In 3D we could specify another wonderful performance which so is equivalent to crossover product analogue, and takes 3 vectors at return scalar, and inputs. An x B. 1: 2D cross merchandise isn't defined a

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