Fintech entrepreneur continues to work in filmmaking

Bardya Ziaian was a successful corporate executive who never stopped his love for filmmaking. The career, with leadership positions in Fintech, brokerage, and financial systems, continues to fulfil his creative aspirations.The current CEO of SITTU Group Inc. was forced to step down as president and chief executive officer. Ziaian produced and wrote the comedy film "Super Dicks" and even performed an acting part.Following the success in " Super Dicks", his second film " How To Kill Your Boss" was produced.Ziaian shows us how to use our diverse talents in a variety ways to fulfill our dreams.Bardya Ziaian tells us how he brings his intelligence and focus from the boardroom onto the film set.A: You are a tech and finance expert... When did you get interested in film?Bardya Zinian: I've wanted

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